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Consumer Benefits

Auto Recycling has been around since the first auto crash.

When your vehicle needs repair and or parts, there are three places to get them. The Dealer, Chain Parts Stores, and Auto Recyclers.

The Dealer is trained to see parts as Year, Make, Model specific.Their parts inventory only goes back 7 years on average. They do have listings for every part that originally was manfactured for your vehicle.

Chain Parts Stores look at your vehicle the same way. Their inventory goes back much farther but only includes mechanical and drive train parts.

Recyclers look at your vehicle as a series of 'Interchange' parts, using databases that contain Interchange Information. This is where you find value in used parts.

The dealer is only going to be able to help you going back about 7 or 8 years. This is because the manufacturers are required to have parts available for 7 Years by Law. As a result of this, dealer parts are expensive. Parts Stores carry New, Rebuilt/Re-manufactured, and Aftermarket Parts. Parts Stores are limited in what they offer, as the raw materials in offering New Parts means that they have to get their stock from the same place the manufacturers and dealers do.

Rebuilt/Re-Manufactured are parts that started life as Original Equipment Manfacturer [OEM] items that have been rebuilt from 'cores'. In order for parts stores to offer rebuilt/remanfactured, they need to find parts that can be remanufactured. Cores come from recycling yards. See? Your car is already running on used parts. Aftermarket Parts are parts that are made by companies that do not supply their parts to the vehicle manufacturers

Some of the most popular parts sold in Parts Stores are things like Alternators, Starters, A/C Compressors, Power Steering Pumps and other accessories that are in the engine compartment. The pricing is seductive, as they offer many of these parts at prices that are equivalent to what a recycler may ask.
What happens in a lot of cases, is that they come without the pulleys. So you need to remove your pulley and place it on your new/rebuilt part. A lot of these pulley's require special tools, which only do one thing and are expensive. Your recycler not only has these tools as a part of their business, but in almost every case will be happy to change the pulleys for you as a part of the sale.

One of the features of modern automotive recyclers is the Interchange. Manufacturers bring out new models every year. From simple things as new paint colors to complete redesigns. Part of cost control is when manufacturers carry over parts from one model year to the next. Recyclers use this information, and have brought it together in the databases and software known as the Interchange.

Let's look for an Engine for your 1988 Ford Ranger Pickup Truck. The Interchange shows the recycler that the 2.3 Engine was used in Ranger Pickups from 1985 through 1988. It was also used in the Aerostar Van in 1986 and 1987. Some models of Mustang between 1987 through 1990 used it also.

For example, the engine in your 88 Ford Ranger is a 2.3. Ford used this engine from 1986 to 1994. This means that if a recycler has a 90 Ranger 2.3 engine, it is just a matter of unplugging and disconnecting the parts from your old engine, installing your 'new' engine, connecting and plugging in the accessories and driving on.

Now If we sell you an engine by Interchange say from a 93, there are a number of things that need to be checked and changed. For example the various sensors that screw into the engine assembly, may be different. The difference is usually the ends where they plug into the wire harness. (The engineers need to do something to earn their money we guess) This means when doing an engine swap, you need to take the accessories and brackets, sensors and other parts from your old engine and transfer them to your 'new' engine.

Recycled Parts offer large savings over Dealer Prices.

Recycled parts are Clean, Tested and Guaranteed. With Modern Interchange Information, Recyclers are able to offer you the parts you need fast.

Green Benefits
Recycling helps increase the longevity of your vehicle, saves the environment through extending the life of parts, and saves you money.

Our Network Members are Licensed, Bonded and Insured. They are Environmentally Conscious and Community Based.

LKQ stands for Like Kind and Quality. Recycled Parts come from the same cars that you have from the factory. Like Kind and Quality.

Aftermarket parts are Not Factory Parts. They are parts produced by third parties, and are subject to fit , finish and suitability issues. Most manufacturers will not warranty aftermarket sheetmetal parts and in some cases will void your warranty. Insist on LKQ parts from a Licensed Recycler like Our Members.

Our Members offer the best Warranties in the industry. Most offer extended Warranty Coverage!

Who uses Recycled Parts?

Consumers who do it themselves.

Insurance Companies and Collision Repair Shops use recycled parts to keep the cost of repair down.

Classic Car Owners and Restorers know about finding parts from our members. In many cases, recyclers have been the Only source of parts for classic and vintage vehicles.

Our Members
Our Members are the leading recyclers on the web. Our Selection Process insures that your requests are answered by folks who have your parts and stand behind their Products!

Our Request Form
Our Request Form is designed to help our members find your parts Fast! The Information we request is necessary to find you the correct parts.

Our Members respect your privacy and your information will remain confidential. We are here to help you with parts for your cars.

Thank you for Visiting!
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